A dirt bike rider died when his bike crashed into a house in Harpswell. 

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office says the crash happened just before 7:00 Thursday night on the Harpswell Neck Road. Deputies and the Harpswell Fire Department responded to the call and found that the driver of the dirt bike, 28-year-old Levi Alexander of Harpswell, had been killed in the accident.

Upon investigation, officials determined that Alexander had been traveling southbound when he lost control of his dirt bike. It left the roadway and went airborne before hitting the house at 1942 Harpswell Neck Road. He was not wearing a helmet and died upon impact.

The investigation into the accident will continue but officials say speed is believed to have been a factor. The Kawasaki dirt bike was not registered for on-road use and a witness told investigators that Alexander had been driving with his front wheel raised just before the crash.

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