I have to admit right out of the gate... I did not dress up for Halloween today. In fact, most of my co-workers didn't dress up either. My wife, on the other hand, she definitely dressed up. She may have even gotten up extra early just to pull off a work appropriate costume. I'm not sure what it was, but it was colorful.

As I was winding down here yesterday, my wife was texting me about the collection of things she had gotten together, and it got me wondering what you folks were going to do about Halloween at your workplace?

Honestly, it went a bit of a different direction, and a bunch of area businesses seem to be doing it in the whole office. I'll give you folks a shout out on the air this afternoon. But there were lots of folks who seemed to be in the spirit in general.

Hillary Savoy said her whole office was dressing up. Sheila Lynn Cote said everybody at her job gets to wear pajamas, which is pretty rad. However, Nanny Birmingham said she doesn't really like Halloween at all, and is just going to hide out with her pets. Also a solid plan.

There's a part of me that might actually be a little jealous of folks who like to dress up for Halloween at work. I usually talk myself out of it. It's kind of equal parts laziness and embarrassment. I should probably just get over myself since it's only once a year, but I don't know.... We'll see.

(we know that always means no)

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