A Deer Isle man is facing charges after a standoff that began with deputies trying to serve an arrest warrant.

Why Were Deputies At the House?

Members of the Hancock County Sheriff's Office went to the home of Aaron Bulger, 37, just before noon on Sunday to serve an arrest warrant for a charge of burglary.

How Did the Standoff Start?

The deputies tried to arrest Bulger but they say he resisted and allegedly assaulted a deputy and a police K9 before retreating into his home. Officials set up a perimeter and closed down roads in the area for several hours while Sheriff's deputies and members of the Maine State Police Tactical Team tried to convince Bulger to leave the residence. Several shots were fired by the deputies during the encounter. Eventually, Bulger was taken into custody.

Was Anyone Hurt?

According to the BDN, officials say it does not appear that Bulger was hit by any gunshots, but he was taken to a local hospital to be examined. Once he was cleared by health officials, he was taken to the Hancock County Jail. Specific details about the standoff and why police shot at Bulger have not been released. Officials have also not commented on what charges he faces.

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The incident is now under investigation by the Maine Attorney General's Office. Sergeant Travis Frost and Deputy Zack Allen have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure whenever police weapons are fired during an arrest.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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