Some Dayton residents took the keys away from an intoxicated driver who accidentally parked in the wrong driveway.

State Police say it was just after 1:00 Monday afternoon when the South Street residents noticed a vehicle parked in their driveway, driven by Brittany Boudreau, 29, of Cumberland. When they realized her apparent level of intoxication, the residents took her keys away and called State Police. On their way to the call, Troopers learned that her vehicle had also been reported to Biddeford Police as operating erratically in their city. When they arrived at the scene, Troopers say they observed Boudreau throwing a phone to the ground that belonged to one of the residents, damaging it.

Officials say she was uncooperative as she was arrested for operating while under the influence of liquor and criminal mischief. On the way to the jail, she allegedly attempted to get out of the cruiser and had to be further restrained. Police say she also refused to take an intoxilyzer test at the jail.

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