Ok, to be fair, This only a day trip depending on where you live. For instance, my camp is in the Eddington/Holden area, so Chick Hill for me is only a few miles away. But honestly, if you're the camping and outdoorsy type, you could make a weekend of small hikes right in this general area of Route 9, otherwise known as the Airline. In addition to Chick Hill, there's Little Chick Hill, Bald Mountain, Eagle Bluff, Rebel Hill, Woodchuck Hill, just to name a few.

Since I have such close proximity to Chick Hill, my wife and I go there several times a year throughout all seasons. Except for winter. I'm sure it'd be a great adventure, but I'm just not that ambitious. Judge me all you want! But the trails are easy, and the view at the top is absolutely stunning.

On a clear day, you can see for miles in every direction. If you look due north, you can even see Katahdin. If you look away towards the southeast, you can see the mountains down around Acadia. This particular shot is looking towards my camp over on Davis Pond.

This is more of a mountain view:

Photo: J Stew

You have the choice of a couple of different trail options. There is a more traditional trail that starts right near the parking area, and winds up the side of the mountain to the top. It's lovely in certain times of the year. It's very nature-y, haha. But in the dead of summer, I often find it too buggy. So in that case, the wife and I will take the cell tower access road up.

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Speaking of which, if you are the off-road type, be it on 4-wheelers, heavy duty 4x4, or even side by side ATV, you can take that access road to the very top. A lot of the times we hike up, we will often make way for vehicles braving the rough road to the top. On foot, it's no big deal. but if you choose to take a vehicle to the top, your Toyota RAV 4 is not gonna do the job.

Located right off of Route 9 on Chick Hill Road, there is ample parking when you arrive, but bear in mind that it is also a school bus turnaround, so if you're there during the school year, make sure to park on the far edges of the lot so as not to impede the buses turning around.

It's really a gorgeous hike, year round. Again, I haven't made the winter trek, but I've seen photos, and it's wicked ugly! Hahahaha....no it isn't. But judge for yourself. It's a family friendly hike, and won't take forever. It's a nice way to feel like you did something with your day, but still feel like there's time for a nap afterward.

So pack the cooler, grab the kids, hit the road, and I'll meet you at the top!

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