My teenage heart is breaking this morning with the death of my favorite teen idol, David Cassidy.

I knew it was coming. As a matter of fact, I even fell victim to a death hoax over the weekend, while David was actually in a hospital, suffering from organ failure, but still alive. But this morning I learned via CNN, it's become fact. Cassidy passed away, surrounded by loved ones, according to his publicist. Finally free from the pain and suffering he'd dealt with in recent years, due to dementia and a lifetime of alcoholism.

The news transported me back to my pre-teen years, when I thought the sun rose and set on David Cassidy. I watched the Partridge Family religiously, and had posters of Keith all over my room. His was even the first concert I ever attended, in the early 1970's, at the Bangor Auditorium. I remember sitting with my parents in the stadium, laughing with my Dad over the gaggle of girls who would storm the front of the stage, screaming. They would get pushed back by security, only to rush to the stage again every time David flashed that sexy smile.

On the outside, for today, I'm a news person, relaying the latest updates. It's been a tough week in Hollywood, with the loss of Della Reese, Bill Cosby's TV Dad - Earle Hyman, Mel Tillis, AC/DC's Malcolm Young, and others. But my inner teenager can't deal with any of that today, because she's sitting on the floor of my childhood room, listening to a 45 of 'I Think I Love You,' as it plays over and over on that old orange and white record player. Memories I'll 'Cherish' forever.

Rest in peace, David Cassidy.

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