Gifford was so excited that the snow has returned, he had to go for a run, and dance around with a stick.

Jim and I decided to stay put, with a wintry mix forecast for the day. As we snuggled in with blankets and binge-watching, Gifford started jumping around and barking at us. It was snowing big, fat flakes, and he wanted to go outside to play.

It looked so beautiful, we decided that we would venture out into the snow showers with him. Gifford started running and then jumped after the snow we kicked in his direction, trying to catch it in his mouth. When he found a stick, it looked like a Christmas ballet, as he hopped and leapt after the wood, surrounded by the falling flakes.

We hope you were also able to enjoy the snow before the rain started. Jim, Gifford and I wish you a Happy Holiday season!

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