A man dressed as a 'creepy clown' with a machete coming out of his sleeve prompted residents of Hollis to call in the State Police.

According to WCSH-TV, some folks who live near the Little Mart on Plains Road alerted police at around 6:00 Tuesday evening after seeing the man wearing a black hoodie, scary clown mask, and holding a machete. When he realized he'd been spotted, he ducked into the woods.

It took about an hour, but police finally tracked down 31-year-old Corey Berry of Hollis when he walked out of the woods near 688 Townhouse Road in Waterboro. Police say he was very intoxicated and was trying to play a prank, copying the many creepy clown sightings from last year. Berry has one arm that's been partially amputated, and he had duct taped the machete to his arm.

He was cooperative with the officers and charged with criminal threatening. Berry was taken to York County Jail where he posted $200 bail.

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