Ok, the little science-y nerd kid inside me just got a little over excited. There's some chit-chat that Maine could become a site for launching small rockets into space to put nanosattelites in orbit. How freakin' cool is that? We already spend half the year lighting off fireworks in the back yard, so this can't be too far a stretch, right?

According to WABI - TV5, there's a lot of support behind the idea to build a SpacePort Complex here in Maine. These nanosattelites that would be put into orbit help with things like communications, aerial mapping, and various kinds of research. Dr. Terry Shehata, Exec. Director of the Maine Space Grant Consortium, had this to say:

It really provides and opportunity to offer our kids that graduate from high school to stay here in the state. To get involved in a new industry but also serving the other industries in the state because of the applications. It would also potentially be a real strong magnet for recruiting young entrepreneurs and families from out of state.

So far, it's a bit up in the air (no pun intended, well sorta) where this launch site could be located, but spots being talked about are the old Loring Base in Limestone, Brunswick, and Washington County. And, there's also no firm timeline as to when this might actually become a reality, but there does seem to be a lot support.

So, cross your fingers Maine. It could be a great opportunity for our state, and could bring several brand-spanking new jobs to us.It's on track to become a multi-billion dollar industry, so we might as well try and grab our slice of the pie, if there's one to be had. And then we can finally use all those Star Trek jokes we've been saving up. Or, not.

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