Just last week, I was lamenting in another article, about how it took me nearly twice as long to get to work as usual;, due to all the work being done on the roads. I know, I know, whine away, right? But it does seem kinda nuts for an eight mile drive to take 30 minutes.

Anyhow, lo and behold, I saw an article over the weekend in the Bangor Daily News, that said the city was finally about to wrap this all up for the year. Apparently, when temperatures hit a certain point, further paving becomes impossible, which totally makes sense. And since the close of the season is approaching, they've gone on a mad dash to wrap things up for the year, before Mother Nature does it for them.

A lot of these projects have been going on all summer, and sometimes people think they're working backwards on these things. You'll drive by at night and it looks likes it's paved and all ready to go for a couple days, only to drive by again a few days later and it's all being torn up again.

Often, when laying new sections of pipe under the streets, it requires up to three different kinds of piping, that can't always go in all at once, requiring crews to keep digging them up. But the alternative would be having streets that were endlessly dug up, with no ability to travel through.

All that really matter to my very selfish self, is that we're finally going to get a little bit of a break from all the road work. And these guys doing the work, really do deserve a big pat on the back from all of us. It's very hard work, that is not very popular with the public, so kudos to them for being willing and able to get the job done.

Soon, my friends, drive around with reckless, wild abandon and enjoy not having to wave courteously at that flagger, that you're secretly swearing at under your breath as though it's his fault. At least until we have roads covered in that awful white junk.

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