A woman with extraditable warrants out of Connecticut is in custody in Maine, after running from police.

Maine Police First Encountered the Woman at a Crash Scene.

Holli Tapley, 45, of Shelton, Connecticut is in custody in Maine after crashing a car and then running into the woods, off the interstate.

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Tapley Gave Police Her Identification But Then Fled Into the Woods

State Police were called to the scene of a vehicle crash on Interstate 295 in Freeport at around 11:00 Thursday morning, in the middle of a snowstorm. Corporal Klayton Peckham asked the woman for her identification and she gave it to him, but then ran across the southbound lanes of traffic into the woods. A check of her license revealed that Holli Tapley had an extraditable warrant out of Connecticut for a parole violation associated with a kidnapping offense.

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Freeport Police were notified and State Troopers set up on the interstate, where she went into the woods, and in a residential area just beyond those woods. A Freeport resident told police that they had noticed a woman walking away from the direction of the highway. Police responded and found Tapley talking with a resident cleaning the snow off his vehicle in his driveway.

She is Now Awaiting Extradition in a Maine Jail

When police stopped to talk to Tapley, she ran again, this time into the home's backyard. There was a short foot chase before the police took the woman into custody.

She was transported to the Cumberland County Jail where she's being held on a fugitive from justice charge.

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