A woman who learned to sail on the coast of Maine is now in the history books after successfully sailing solo around the world.

How Long Was She at Sea?

For 130 days, Cole Brauer was alone in her 40-foot sailboat, crossing oceans, watching sunsets, and finding company in the sea life. She broke some ribs at one point in the journey and had medical personnel keeping an eye on her virtually. It must have been lonely, scary, and overwhelming at times.

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What Was the Route of the Race?

But Thursday, it all paid off when this 5'2", 100-pound woman arrived in A Coruna, Spain. At  29, she became the first American woman to race by herself nonstop around the world. She traveled about 30,000 miles, starting on October 29th. Some of her competitors dropped out, but Brauer kept going.

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According to the AP, Brauer sailed south along the west coast of Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope, and on to Australia. The journey turned treacherous when she reached Cape Horn at the tip of South America, but she weathered it and continued through the Atlantic toward Spain.

How is Cole Connected to Maine?

USA Today reports that Cole is originally from New York but now lives in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Water has always been a part of her life, spending time in Long Island, Hawaii, and Maine. This video from the Cole Brauer Ocean Racing Facebook page shows how being on the water is her happy place.

Still, I'm guessing she will enjoy being on land, at least for a little while, after her 130 days at sea. Congratulations to Cole Brauer. The residents of Maine are proud to call you one of our own.

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