Low was 7 yesterday morning, making it the coldest day of the winter so far this year. It’s mid-January and finally we had a mid-January temperatures

The kind of cold temperatures where you dig out your warmest winter coat. Where if you have to be outside for any amount of time you wear long johns and layers.

And when you get into the car and start it up, that air from the defrost feels like it is that cold too.

The furnace runs more to keep the house warmer, and a fire in the evening is a given.


But there is something else going on because of the cold.

Who among us hasn’t had mice find a way into the house, or if you are luckier only into the garage or the shed. They are looking for a harbor to escape the cold outside temperatures too.

But it is not just mice.

As we launch into the typically coldest few weeks of the winter coming up, also looking for a warm sheltered space in your home are rats. Oh rats.

Zachary Smith is owner of The Pest Dude and says

Homeowners should look out for nests, droppings and gnaw marks. The animals will also shred attic insulation, cardboard and other soft materials to make their nests.

You dirty rat. Or mouse. Keep them out. Turn your dog or cat loose on them and hopefully those rodents will move on down the road.

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