Spring Forward.  Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday morning. So clocks go ahead.

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But not without controversy. Some want to end Daylight Saving Time. Some would like it to stay in effect all year long. Seemingly everyone has an opinion on the benefits of one of the options.  Continuing as is. Dropping Daylight Saving Time. Or staying on Daylight Saving Time year round.

Some say daylight saving time was introduced to assist farmers with an hour of sunlight later in the day to assist their chores. But why wouldn't farmers, who get up early anyway, get up a little earlier and get at things? And now, farmers are rarely working the fields with a horse and plow. They not only have tractors, but they have lights if it gets dark before they want to stop for the day. Not only lights, but air conditioning too.

Others are in favor of Daylight Saving TIme because of how early in the day the sunsets. in the winter. If it was in effect year round, it wouldn't be dark by 4pm or so. Of course there is also the fact that the amount of sunlight or darkness doesn't ever change, only the positions of the hands of the clock.

Nothing will likely change anytime soon. So for those who want year round Standard Time, count the days until November 7th. That's when the clocks 'fall back.'

Meanwhile if you vote we can present the results to the 70 countries around the world that participate in the spring and fall rituals of adjusting the clock.

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