Clinton Police say a local man died after his vehicle overturned in water and became encased in ice.

Where Was the Car Found?

It's not known exactly when the car went into the water, but Clinton Police learned of it just after 12 noon on Tuesday. Members of the Clinton Police, as well as Fire and Rescue, responded to the scene on Hill Road and found a vehicle that had rolled out of the roadway and ended up on its roof, partially submerged in the water.

How Did They Get it Out of the Water?

The vehicle had, apparently, been in the water for quite some time because the ice had formed around it and was quite thick. Fairfield Fire and Rescue's cold water rescue team was called to try and see if anyone was inside the car but, even after they cleared some of the ice away, it was impossible to tell.

Who Was Found in the Vehicle?

Dostie's heavy wrecker arrived on the scene and, with help from the cold water rescue team, was able to lift the car out of the water. Once it was on solid ground, rescue workers were able to see that there was a deceased person inside the vehicle. He has been identified as Gene Rose, 66, of Gustafson Road in Clinton.

At this time, police believe this was an accident and don't think anyone else was involved. But they would like to create a timeline leading up to the crash. So now, officials are hoping to hear from anyone who may have information regarding Mr. Rose between Sunday afternoon and the time of the crash. If you think you have information that could help, you're asked to call the Waterville Communications Center and ask for Officer Joshua Chouinard.

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