A wheelchair-bound veteran in Clifton is getting a new roof, donated by two local companies.

81-year-old Jim Hodgins is the former owner of the Clifton Variety store and has been in a wheelchair ever since a robbery at his store nearly 20 years ago. He was shot six times and left for dead, but survived the attack. In recent months, Jim's noticed that whenever it rains or snows, he has water dripping into his bedroom. His aid talked to the folks at the Maine Veterans Project, but neither Jim nor the organization could afford the $15,000 it would take to make the repairs.

Now, two local companies have stepped forward to donate their time and the materials needed to get the roof fixed, so the man who has always given back to his community can live comfortably. Roof Systems of Maine and A.M. Roofing have braved the elements this week to work on the house and expect that the job should be done by next week.

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