A loud, repetitive banging kept us busy all weekend, trying to figure out where it was coming from and how to get it to stop.

At first, we thought there might be an animal, like a mouse, in our furnace closet. But there was no evidence of that. Then, we considered that it was our water pipes 'hammering.' So we opened up all the faucets and let the water run, hoping to blow out any air in in the pipes. And it was quiet for a time. Then....the banging was back, even when no one had been near a faucet or flushed a toilet.

After a couple of days of this, Jim happened to be outside when the banging started and realized it was much louder outside. Weird! So, the next time it started up, he snuck outside and started looking around. That's when the mystery was solved.

Check out the video to see the source of our banging issue, that continues to this day. The outdoor video is a little shaky because I had to hold the camera over my head and away from my body while I stayed somewhat hidden. The banging started up before 5:00 this morning, as I was leaving the house and Jim was still sleeping. We've read it should stop by summer. Here's hoping that's true!

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