First and foremost, I hope no one was injured in this fire. Since I didn't hear much about it on the news, I'm assuming everyone was ok. But...I have never personally borne witness to such a crazy event. I can't say I'm sure I would want to, but secretly, I think we all kind of wish we could witness such a nasty event. We're all ambulance chasers deep down, So if I saw something like this happening, I would definitely be getting my phone out to film it, as long as I knew everyone was ok.

According to the description in the video, the Brewer Fire Department was on the scene quickly, and dispatched the fire almost immediately. So big props to them for takin' care of business. But I gotta tell you, I feel super bad for whoever owned that truck. I can use the past tense, because that truck is headed to the big junkyard in the sky, no doubt.

So kick back, and don't let the constant beeping of the horn distract you from probably the most interesting video you will use to kill time at work this week. And it's only Monday! So, say a final prayer for that poor truck, and enjoy....

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