A driver from Farmington and his team nearly missed a race in North Carolina after they were detained at the Maine border.

Cassius Clark's King Racing Group team is based in Canada and so they gave themselves plenty of time to cross the border into the United States to drive to a race in North Carolina. Or so they thought.

The team was detained at the border crossing in Houlton on Tuesday, when they were unable to produce the paperwork necessary to prove the emissions standards of the race car. As they scrambled to find the documentation, the team also reached out to Governor Paul LePage and members of Congress, in hopes of getting some help. Meanwhile, we're told, Clark was at the North Carolina track, waiting for his car to arrive.

Finally, on Friday, the team was allowed to cross into the states and just barely made it as a 'last chance qualifier.' The border patrol told Speedway51.com that the delay had to do with importation documents and that the EPA had to approve the emission standards on the car. Officials say this is not a new law, but Clark says they had never heard of it.

Clark is hoping they can get all their paperwork in order so they can make it to a race in Florida in 2 weeks. Reactions to the incident can be found at #FreeThe13.

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