There have been a couple of car break-ins recently that might grab your attention.

First one was at the Blue Hill YMCA, which the Hancock County Sheriff's Dept posted on Facebook, saying that Deputy Brian Archer is working on a case in Blue Hill looking for an owner of the pictured vehicle, a RAV4.

Hancock County Sherrif's Dept Facebook
Hancock County Sherrif's Dept Facebook
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Then yesterday another Facebook post, this time from Waldo County YMCA in Belfast. Here's that information from that  location of the YMCA.

Belfast and Blue Hill are at least 20 miles apart. Looking for what looks to be the exact same vehicle. Let's hope this is not a trend.

Although Russell from the Waldo County YMCA says " The Police say this is one of many such smash and grab incidents happening around Maine"

Not the message we want to hear

Of course we should be locking our vehicles and not leaving valuables in them when we park them anywhere.

But when you hear stories like these, it strikes as an 'end of innocence' situation.

How many times does one just pull in somewhere, and run into a business to quickly get something. Last thing on our minds is having to hide valuables, and often we neglect to lock the car doors.

Sure we should, but it hits home that we 'have to'

Being vigilant is not part of every Mainer's vocabulary. And it strikes as sad that it should be.

Plus if they are smash and grab situations, locking the auto and hiding valuables doesn't help. Those crooks will find the valuables in mere seconds.

As we approach the season of giving, hopefully you are not 'giving' to criminals who we are hopeful will be caught.

Here is to giving to someone less fortunate to feel a good sense of community again.

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