The public will gather in Bangor this weekend to remember a 10-year-old local boy who died recently, after months of abuse.

What Do We Know About Braxtyn's LIfe?

The Maine community is mourning the loss of another child at the hands of the people who were supposed to care for him. Braxtyn Smith died at a Bangor hospital on February 18th. Court documents state that the boy weighed only 48 pounds when doctors worked to save his life. His body was bruised and showed evidence of having been burned. WGME-TV reports that Braxtyn's mother, Jem Bean, said that he was defiant and had to be restrained, even when he was sleeping or using the bathroom. The family accomplished this through the use of zip ties on his ankles or wrists.

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Who Has Been Charged For the Abuse?

Braxtyn's parents, Jem Bean and Joshua Smith, and his paternal grandmother, Mistie Latourette are all charged with depraved indifference murder. Officials say the boy was denied food as punishment. Home schooled by his grandmother, he appeared to lead an isolated life, so no one noticed the abuse until it was too late.

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When and Where is the Candlelight Vigil?

On Saturday, community members will remember Braxtyn during a candlelight vigil on the Bangor Waterfront. The vigil is being hosted by Matt McKeen, who revealed on the event's Facebook page that he is also a victim of abuse.

No child should ever have to suffer like this.

McKeen asks that people bring their own candles, if possible. And if they can't provide their own, their presence without the candles will be welcomed. He advises wearing warm clothing, hats and gloves, for the vigil that will run from 6 to 8pm Saturday evening.

Gone far too soon, may Braxtyn's sweet soul finally rest in peace.

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