Follow the bouncing ball. Like moves on a game board.

Flexit Cafe and Bakery in Ellsworth is after all moving right down the street from their current location at 192 Main Street.

The first move was last fall when The Grind Building was sold. It was purchased by a North Carolina-based health and wellness products business called Desert Harvest. They make health supplements.  Flexit Café was going to stay in their current location, but Desert Harvest now needs the space for their rapidly growing business. In the future, the plan is for the company to expand into Canada by opening an operation in Saint John New Brunswick. However, headquarters will remain in Maine.

Before we get back to the moving update, when the owners of Desert Harvest expressed to their staff that they were planning a move to Maine from North Carolina, the employees became part of the process, and about a dozen have relocated to the Ellsworth area. Good on Maine.

Flexit Café will be moving, and not far. They will move, hopefully by Labor Day,  just down Main Street a couple of stores fronts away to the J&B Atlantic Building, into where the recently closed Northern Lights Dance Arts studio was located.

Flexit Café will be next door to Finn’s. The owners of Flexit Café and Finn’s are married. Isn’t it nice how some things work out?

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