A 16-year-old charged with murder for a shooting death in Brooks has been identified.

Who is the Suspect?

The Maine Attorney General's Office has identified the suspect in the shooting as Atilio Delgado, who will turn 17 later this week. He was arrested on Sunday and transported to the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland. Delgado is accused of killing 49-year-old James Cluney and is charged with knowing and intentional murder.

What are the Details of the Crime?

On May 6th, Waldo County Sheriff's Deputies were called to 1108 Littlefield Road in Brooks for a report of a disturbance and found Cluney, who had been fatally shot. The Portland Press Herald reports that Cluney was the homeowner and that court documents indicate Delgado lived at the same address. Authorities have said that the two knew each other, but have not commented on the nature of that acquaintance.

A motion has been filed by the state to have Delgado tried as an adult, which would move it to criminal court. Any decision on that matter will be forthcoming after several evaluations are made. For now, it's still being considered a juvenile case.

Why Has the Juvenile's Name Been Released?

The names of juveniles are not usually released to the public but are sealed with court documents. However, by state law, if the crime is at least a Class A offense, the defendant is at least 13-years-old at the time the crime was committed, and the court determines there's probable cause to believe the juvenile could have committed the crime, then the suspect's name can be released to the public.

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