There's been some activity going on over at the park on Broadway in Bangor, and it got us to wondering what the hub-bub was all about. Same deal over at the You Know You Grew Up In Bangor Maine, When...Facebook page, folks were also wondering what all the digging and such was.

Someone in the thread mentioned that it was becoming a Fitlot, which is an outdoor fitness park themed for adults and seniors. It's also designed so you can purchase extra attachments, that connect to different parts of the outdoor spot. Like handles, and resistance bands, and stuff like that. We also found the AARP Events link that talked all about the grand opening on July 12, from 11 a.m. to noon.


Funny story though, when I watched the video, I didn't realize that you had to buy these attachments for yourself, so I had this image of a bunch of rowdy drunks walking home from the bar and discovering what amounts to an outdoor jungle gym, essentially equipped with weaponized rubber bands. What could possibly have gone wrong?

I have to say too, when you watch the video at the website, everyone looks super young and fit. They're doing like upside down ninja-yoga or something. It's crazy. And if it's not that, then they're doing all these crazy stretches and stuff. If AARP is gearing it up for older folks, I can't see my mom holding a medicine ball attached to a fitness band, stretched over the back of here head, while she does some kind of reverse kick.

I suppose I am kinda trash talking the whole thing, and I don't really mean any harm. In fact, I'd love to see folks of all shapes, sizes, and ages getting more exercise, and getting outdoors. It can't possibly be a bad thing. So maybe I'll just go check it out when it opens, and see what the hub-bub actually is all about.

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