Two people are facing charges after Brewer Police observed an alleged drug deal, using cameras located on the waterfront.

When Did This Happen?

Brewer Police say the alleged crime was observed by Officer Brandon Curtis just before 11:00 Sunday morning. Curtis was in the Brewer Police Department when he saw what he suspected was a drug deal on the Brewer Waterfront, involving three people. Officer Curtis and Sergeant Scott Jones went to the area to investigate.

When they arrived, 30-year-old Tyler Thomas of Hermon tried to evade capture, allegedly threw a bag in the river, and struggled with police. Both Curtis and Jones received minor injuries in the scuffle. At one point, Thomas went into the water and swam a short distance offshore. A rescue boat was launched by Bangor Fire and Police personnel and Thomas was brought onboard.

Which Drugs Were Seized in This Arrest?


The bag was also retrieved and was found to contain a number of dangerous drugs, as well as evidence of trafficking. Brewer Police say suspected fentanyl, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine were all recovered in this arrest.

Who Was Arrested?

As a result of the investigation, one of the men was released. The other two were taken into custody.

Tyler Thomas, 30, of Hermon is charged with:

  • Aggravated trafficking in schedule drugs
  • Assault on a  police officer
  • Pending probation violation charges.

Bertrand Cote, 46, of Bangor is charged with:

  • Possession of schedule W drugs
  • Falsifying physical evidence
  • Violation of bail

The charges in this case were elevated to aggravated because the Brewer Waterfront is designated as a drug-free safe zone. All three men were given no trespass notices not to return to the waterfront or any other parks in Brewer, which is standard procedure when people commit criminal acts in these designated areas.

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