A standoff in Brewer Friday afternoon started as a report of a case of road rage.

Where Was This?

The incident began at approximately 1:19 when Brewer Police learned of an altercation between two drivers. The person reporting the encounter said that a vehicle had tried to run him off the road and that it appeared that the allegedly aggressive driver had brandished a handgun. Police stopped the vehicle on Rinfret Drive, at the intersection with Eastern Avenue.

Why Was There Such a Large Police Presence?

Police attempted to talk to the driver, but he was not cooperating and would not respond. When officers learned that the suspect had a history of violence, assistance was requested from the Holden Police Department and the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office. Two negotiators arrived on the scene and tried to draw the suspect out, but he continued to refuse to speak or follow orders.

Who Was Arrested?

At 3:00 Friday afternoon, police decided to approach the vehicle and take the man into custody by force.

  • Mark Hamblin, 38, of Machiasport is charged with driving to endanger, refusing to submit to arrest, and creating a police standoff.

No one was hurt in the incident and police say no handgun was found.

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