After a woman took to Facebook to complain about a recent traffic stop, Brewer Police shared their own post, explaining what they say really happened.

It's an unusual move for the Brewer Police, who tend to use their Facebook page to share information, safety tips, and pictures of suspects they're trying to identify. I didn't see the woman's original post, but the fact that Public Safety Director Jason Moffitt used the forum to give the full details of the stop told me that it was pretty inflammatory.

The woman's complaint centered around a traffic stop on Wilson Street when she was trying to take her dog to the vet, after it had been hit by a car. Moffitt says it was about nine minutes from the time she was stopped and the time she and her dog arrived at the vet, transported by a Brewer officer. He says the woman claimed the stop took an hour and 45 minutes, a delay that she says caused her dog to pass away.

Read the full post from the Brewer Police Department and make up your own mind about the issue. I will only add that I appreciate the hard job law enforcement officers have, often interacting with people who are in some of the toughest moments of their lives. Thank you for all that you do.

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