Ok....So laugh at me all you want. I love these sorts of things, you know, that maybe either there is something bigger than all of us in the universe which offers divine intervention in the strangest ways. Or, everything in the universe is rigged before it even starts. No matter which way you look at it, it's practically something out of the X-Files.

But, it just doesn't add up for it all to be rigged. There's so much buildup. So many chances for that kind of organized chaos to go wrong. Not to mention the immense egos involved. They'd all deserve Oscars if it were an act. All the money in the world will not make an entire league of athletes throw a whole season. Right?

But sure enough, last night the Red Sox won the World Series on a year that there are two flags in the World Series logo.

Last week I wrote an article about this crazy conspiracy involving the Red Sox winning the World Series every time there are two flags in the World Series logo, and losing every time they're in the Series when there's only one. Last March, when the MLB posted all their new and exciting marketing for the 2018 season, the new World Series logo had those two special, little flags.

And even back then, folks on Facebook, etc. started scuttlebutt about the Sox going all the way. A daring individual could've cleaned house on betting on the Sox right at the beginning of the season. I wish I'd been that guy. I have a friend that bet on the Pats to go all the way one year, before the season even started, and was quite happy he made that decision.

It could all just be a crazy coincidence, but lo and behold, here we all are dancing in the streets over an amazing World Series clench. So celebrate all you want. We all should. It was our turn to win again. But was it all part of the plan, or divine intervention?

Meh. Really, who cares?


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