So.... As the theory goes, every year since 2004, when the MLB releases the logo for the World Series, if it contains two flags in the logo, then the Sox win the series. This is consistent every time. 2004, 2007, and 2013. In March of this year the logo was unveiled, and lo and behold ... there were two flags.

Speculation among those who knew of the theory began circulating online almost immediately. The season hadn't even begun yet! And in July, this video was posted to YouTube. Here we are in October, on the cusp of the World Series, and the whole thing seems to be coming to fruition.

I also found articles online talking about it too. and both noticed the creepy coincidence. In fact, the article, was shortly after this video was made. Way back at the tail end of the summer!

At any rate, let's face it. Who cares what it takes to get our beloved Red Sox to be the 2018 World Champions?! As long as there's no big money, pre-season collusion going on. I mean, I guess I wouldn't be surprised to find out pro baseball was basically another WWE styled sport. But hey...we all believed in Santa for as long as we could too, right?

If they do win...Just remember, I hopped on the conspiracy bandwagon first!!!