Buxton Police say two Bonny Eagle Middle School students are in custody, after allegedly making threats against other students and teachers.

Newscenter reports students who learned of threats made by two classmates, against other students and teachers, told a trusted adult what they had learned. That adult went to Buxton Police who immediately launched an investigation.

As a result of that investigation, two students were taken into custody. Police say the plan was so specific that they felt they needed to take it seriously. No weapons were found and police say there was no indication that the students had access to weapons.

Buxton Police and school officials are thanking the students for coming forward with their information, and remind other students, parents, and teachers of the importance of open communication. If someone sees something they think is suspicious, they're encouraged to say something.

The incident remains under investigation. Police are currently working with the District Attorney's office to determine whether charges should be filed.

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