Debris kicked up by a Winnebago when it blew a tire on the interstate caused a second vehicle to rollover.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says the Winnebago, driven by 74-year-old Joseph Masterson of Florida, was traveling south on the Maine Turnpike in Litchfield when his right front tire blew at around 3 p.m.Tuesday. The Winnebago swerved to the left, into the median, where it struck a guardrail. Debris from the guardrail and dirt was thrown into the air as approximately one hundred feet of the metal barrier was demolished.

Pauley Sanipass, 52, of New Brunswick was also traveling south in her car when the accident happened. The debris and dirt kicked up by the Winnebago blocked her line of vision, causing the car to swerve into the median and roll over. Sanipas was taken to Mainegeneral Hospital in Augusta where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries and was released.

Both north and southbound lanes were reduced to one lane at the crash site for about two hours.

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