A blood sample taken from a driver at the scene of a fatal crash in Acadia National Park will not be admissible in court.

The accident happened a year ago on Park Loop Road, when 28-year-old Praneeth Manubolu of New Jersey, 36-year-old Lenny Fuchs, 30-year-old Laura Leong, and 27-year-old Zeeshan Mohammed, all of New York City, were in Maine on a hiking trip. Manubolu allegedly told police he and his friends had been drinking in some local bars before he lost control of his vehicle, causing it to strike a tree. He sustained non-life-threatening injuries, but his three passengers were killed.

A sample of his blood was drawn at the scene, which was state protocol for anyone involved in a fatal accident. However, Maine's Supreme Court later deemed that practice unconstitutional.

WABI-TV reports that Manubolu's attorney petitioned the court, stating that the accident happened on federal land and so was subject to federal law. Since Manubolu allegedly did not give his consent to the blood draw, it will not be admissible during his upcoming trial. Officials say the case could go to trial in November.

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