You see the memes go around just about every summer, as well as the ethical debates, about whether it's ok to break a stranger's car window if they have a dog locked inside a hot car. And it seems every year, we're writing articles about how you can't just go around breaking windows on people's cars.

But believe it or not, that very concept was recently floated in our state government. Lawmakers considered removing any penalties against a person who acted 'in good faith' by rescuing an animal from a hot car, according to the BDN. But naturally this concept faced an uphill battle at nearly every turn.

But a great many folks decided the ice was just too thin on the subject. There was too much legal grey area for lawmakers to really get behind it in any kind of meaningful way. There would be an awful lot for a person to prove that an animal is in immediate danger.

The one good thing to come from the whole conversation, is that going forward, all folks looking to get certified as an animal control officer, will now receive distressed animal training. That way ACO's can show up on the scene and actually help in conjunction with law enforcement.

Obviously, the easiest way to keep old Spot safe, is to just leave him home. He'll be much happier in the nice, cool living room, than in your boiling hot car. That way you'll both be happy. Happy dog = happy owner!

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