Unless living under a rock, as they say, you're more than likely aware of the escalating tensions in the Middle East.

You're probably also aware of the recent terror threats from Al-Qaeda which have prompted the shutdown of numerous embassies in Muslim countries and prompted travel warnings for Americans.

In fact, just today the State Department encouraged non-emergency government personnel out of Yemen following recent U.S. drone strikes.

And now the headlines emerge that the United States is offering an "olive branch" to Iran's new President Hassan Rowhani, claiming he's more moderate and there's new promise for dialogue.

Heck, even the price of oil has dropped with this promising news.

Not so fast!

A group of 76 Senators us urging the Obama administration to use caution and impose stronger sanctions against the Islamic regime to keep it from pursuing nuclear weapons.

One man who worked as a CIA operative inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards wants the American people to understand the regime is playing us for fools and the Obama administration is dangerously naive.

Reza Kahlili has just released this report showing the true colors of this so called "moderate" Iranian President.

Kahlili has been working to warn the American people about the radical religious ideology that drives the Iranian regime to pursue nuclear weapons.

This ideology is what's driving Islamic radicals throughout the Middle East. The same radical ideology that brought the twin towers down in 2001. The same radical ideology behind the Boston Marathon bombings.

They truly believe Islam will rule the world and it's their religious duty to free the world of the infidel...that translates most immediately into Israel and the United States.