Storms all over the country.  As those affected try to get back to normal, and not normal normal, but our current Covid level of normal, there are still lots without power and lots experiencing record cold temperatures in places that don’t always get much winter weather.  From Northern Illinois to North Texas they got hammered with snow fall the other day, and it’s very cold too.

Recently there was a weather map of America and the only place not experiencing cold temperatures was Florida and they broke a record high for the date.

Seattle got the biggest snowfall in 50 years. Similar stories were told all over America. Lots of people are asking what’s going on.

Mainers are very tolerant of harsh winters, and actually many among us  love the cold and snow and take advantage of outdoor activities.  Ice fishing.  Skiing. Snowshoeing.  Hiking.  But we haven’t had a lot of snow this winter, nor have we had drastically cold temperatures.  Here’s hoping by bringing that up, nothing has been jinxed.

IF we do get a big storm or extremely cold temperatures, then we’ll advise you of things like:

  • Not travelling unless it’s absolutely necessary, like you haven’t had your coffee yet and the home coffee maker is on the fritz.
  • Or that you should stay tuned to the local television news, unless you have HBO – MAX and you can binge watch Friends.
  • Make sure you keep a home emergency kit full of essentials like water, batteries and family sized Twister.
  • Also be sure you get ‘plowed’ before your driveway does.
  • And in these times, if we do get a big blizzard, when it ends round up the family and get outside and make a snowman, making sure you cover his carrot nose with a facemask.

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