It was an unusual 'animal intruder' call over the weekend when a Belfast officer removed two pygmy goats from a woman's garage.

This time of year, it's not at all unusual for police to get called out for animals who have wandered into someone's yard. But, typically, it's a hungry bear who's just awakened from hibernation and came looking for trash or scraps. It could be a raccoon searching for food. Or, it could be a moose walking through traffic, like happened in Belfast earlier this month!

But a report of two pygmy goats is highly irregular. The woman who called police said the duo had made their way into her garage and were snacking on a dish of cat food. Belfast Sergeant Fitzpatrick used a cat leash to lead the goats, named Louis and Mowgli, into his cruiser.

He took their pictures and posted them on the Department's Facebook page. The owner's daughter saw the photos and picked up the goats that the Sergeant seemed to enjoy riding around with, calling them 'good company.' The department joked on Facebook that perhaps they needed to pick up some 'patrol goats.' Maybe Louis and Mowgli would apply for the position!

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