A Belfast man was fatally shot by police in an altercation that involved alleged threats of burning an apartment house.

The Suspect Had Allegedly Threatened to Burn the Apartment House Where He Lived

Daniel Ryan, 65, of 63 Cedar Street, Apartment 3 in Belfast was shot and killed after notifying law enforcement that he intended to burn the building down.

Police Were Allegedly Met by Mr. Ryan, Who Had a Flaming Gas Can

Waldo County Sheriff Jason Trundy says it was just before 1:30 Monday afternoon when Mr. Ryan called the Waldo County Dispatch Center and told officials that he was going to burn his apartment building down if law enforcement did not respond. Members of the Waldo County Sheriff's Office and Belfast Police Department responded to Ryan's address and spoke with the man who allegedly continued to threaten to set fire to the building.

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As members of law enforcement entered the house, Ryan continued to threaten and allegedly charged at the officers with a gas can that was on fire. Mr. Ryan was shot and killed by Waldo County Sheriff's Sergeant Oettinger.

The Waldo County Sheriff's Sergeant is Now On Leave

The Sergeant will be placed on administrative leave while the office of the Attorney General investigates the incident. This is standard procedure in all police-involved shootings.

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