Yeah, you pretty much read that right. I have friends that live in more urban areas that tease me about the content of our local news all the time, and this is not going to do me any favors in convincing them otherwise.

I also couldn't think of a better way to word that, despite not being wholly accurate. So what happened was, one lane of Route 2 in Hermon had to be closed for a time yesterday, because a beaver dam burst during all the rain. So in reality, it was a combined effort of toothy rodents and Mother Nature, but still...

According to the BDN, the lane had to be closed from approximately 1:30pm until 4:45pm. So luckily, things were all set for the evening commute. But one local business who seemed to be storing boats, had a number of them actually floating for a while. Hopefully there was no damage.

But really, who could've guessed that one little beaver dam could cause so much havoc?! Granted, we did get a mammoth amount of rain in a pretty short time, causing all sorts of streams and rivers to swell. It just goes to show you though, big city folks can tease us about our news, but if this is the worst that happened yesterday, I'll take it.

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