Officials at SAD 64 sent a letter home to parents in the district following an incident in which two students at Central Middle School were observed with a gun at the school.

School officials praised the students who came forward on Wednesday with information that prompted the investigation, which determined the weapon was a BB gun and was not loaded.

"The students who reported what they knew to staff at Central Middle School behaved in a mature and responsible manner," reads the letter, signed by RSU 64 Superintendent Rhonda Sperry. "As a result we were able to intervene in what could have been a very dangerous situation."

The letter said "appropriate disciplinary measures have been put in place."

However, several parents were critical of what they believed to be a delay in the release of the information.

"How about when something is going on like this and there is a lockdown parents get an alert like when school is canceled? Parents finding out after the fact is unacceptable," said one parent in the comments section of a Facebook post from the district.

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