A Portage Lake man faces charges for allegedly brandishing a knife while shoplifting alcohol from Bangor Walmart.

Bangor Walmart Shoplifting Suspect Is Charged With a Felony

Niri Scott, 19, of Portage Lake is charged with felony robbery.

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$300 Worth of Alcohol Was Stolen

Bangor Police say it was around 5:00 Saturday evening when Officers were called to Walmart for a report of a shoplifting suspect who had allegedly pulled a knife on store employees. The workers had tried to stop Scott as he was trying to leave the store with a shopping cart full of alcohol. Police say Niri allegedly brandished a knife on his way out of the store and employees watched him take the cart to a parking lot of a nearby business and leave the area.

Suspect Admits Shoplifting But Denies Wielding a Knife

Bangor Police stopped the vehicle, but Niri was no longer in it. He was found a short time later behind a business on Hogan Road. Police say he admitted to stealing the alcohol but has denied brandishing a knife. Approximately $300 worth of alcohol was recovered.

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There are no reports of any injuries.

Niri was taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

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