Road construction near Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is slowing traffic today, so drivers are asked to expect delays.

Where is the Construction?

It's not unusual to run into road construction and it always seems to happen when you're in a hurry. So this is your heads-up for the day. If you're due for an appointment in the Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center complex today, you may want to give yourself a little extra time to get there.

Eastwood Construction is working near the intersection of Hancock and State Streets in Bangor today (Tuesday) and, according to the City of Bangor Facebook page, has shut down one lane of travel on State Street. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area if they can because there could be some delays as they work to get their repairs completed. If you don't need to be in that intersection, specifically, consider traveling on Garland Street, Mount Hope Avenue, or even Stillwater to bypass the traffic issues.

Don't You Hate Getting Stuck in Traffic?

If you do have to travel through that area today, take the car that has a working air-conditioner, pack your patience, and grab a good book to read in the waiting room, just in case you get there early. None of us likes getting stuck in traffic, but we also don't like potholes and broken pavement. If we all work together, the roads will be easier to travel and we'll still get where we need to go on time.

Where Can I Learn More About Traffic Delays in Bangor?

To keep apprised of road construction in the community, check the City of Bangor's Facebook page and look for the bright blue Traffic Advisory banners. And if you have any questions about today's construction, call 989-2530.

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