State Police say a tractor-trailer headed down east on I-95 rolled over while carrying about 15 million bees.

The Crash Happened in Clinton.

Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesperson Shannon Moss says it was around 7:00 Thursday night when State Troopers were called to a tractor-trailer rollover on I-95, at mile 141 northbound in Clinton. When they responded, the Troopers found a rig hauling approximately 15 million bees. The bees were mostly contained and didn't get loose in the crash, which was good news because the goal was to save as many bees as possible.

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Officials say the driver was transported to a local hospital, complaining of pain. No information was given about the driver's name or whether they sustained any injuries. It's not clear what caused the tractor-trailer to leave the roadway and flip over.

Where Were the Bees Going?

Why, you ask, was the driver hauling 15 million bees on a Maine highway? Because they were on an important mission, headed to Washington County, where the bees were supposed to pollinate blueberry fields. Since Maine produces approximately 99% of the wild blueberries in the country, those pollinators are crucial to the success of the crops.

Did the Procedure Disrupt Traffic?

Several agencies worked together to safely remove the bees from the wreck, so they could complete their journey. One lane of traffic was closed all night while the scene was cleared. The crash remains under investigation.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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