Weather is starting to get milder, almost enough to get outside and get some spring clean-up done. Note to the wife “No, not quite warm enough this weekend, but soon dear soon”

For those that are a little more motivated to get at ‘er, and you live in Bangor, The City of Bangor has announced their Spring Cleanup Information for 2021.

If you gather brush, branches, plant waste and leaves and place it at your curb, the Roadside Pickup will happen on Monday, April 26th. Meaning you have this, next and the following weekend to get ready for that pickup.  If you miss it, you need to bring brush and branches to Public Works on Maine Avenue. You do need to get a permit. They are available at the Public Works Facility and are no charge to Bangor residents.

Also on Monday April 26th public works will pick up scrap metal like washers, dryers, and charcoal grills at your curb.

Televisions, monitors, computers and other electronics need to be disposed of at Casella’s Pine Tree Landfill at 358 Emerson Mill Road in Hampden. Contact them for information. This is not a free service.

Bulk items like furniture must be taken to the Landfill also and you have to pay to dispose of those items.

Spring has sprung.

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