The City of Bangor has announced some incredibly creative names for their sidewalk snowplows, created by local students.

How Did the City Get the Names?

It was in early October when Bangor Public Works announced the contest that included students from Bangor's schools. The kids were challenged to come up with some clever names for those tiny snowplows that clear the sidewalks and enter them through a portal on the city's website. I loved this idea, when Public Works Director Aaron Huotari told me about it, because it makes the eventual arrival of snow seem a little more fun and gives the students something to watch for on snow days. (seeing those named plows on the sidewalks in their neighborhoods)

And the Winning Names Are?

The winners were announced on October 23rd and, I have to say, the entries were more creative than I could have come up with. Here's the list of winning names and the schools the students attend:

  • AC Sleeter - Vine Street School
  • Bangorilla - 14th Street School
  • Freeze-mobile - William Cohen School
  • Nor'easter Beaster - Bangor High School
  • Snarf Snarf - Bangor Regional Program
  • Snowie McBlowie - Abraham Lincoln School

What Happens Now?

Now, the second part of the contest kicks into gear. The students associated with each winning name are now challenged to come up with an artistic design for the name. I came up with the photo (above) that's roughly what this will look like, although the students' designs will, no doubt, be much more creative. Those designs will be turned into vinyl creations that will be displayed on the snow plows all winter long.

Congratulations to all the winners! We can't wait to see the designs to go with them.

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