Bangor Police have offered up some advice about how to wisely 'open carry' a firearm, and cite one situation with a guy in a Knight's mask as an example of what not to do.

Guns make people nervous, especially in public situations. You get a crowd of people together and they spot someone who's carrying a gun, and the responses will be varied. Some will support his right to carry a firearm and might even feel a little safer knowing he's there. Others will worry about his mental stability and/or penchant for violence and be alarmed.

But some of it is in how the armed person is presented. Our buddy Tim Cotton from the Bangor Police department found a perfect example earlier this week of someone who really should have thought their outfit through before heading into a crowd of 4th of July revelers. Check out the post from the world famous Bangor Police Department's Facebook page. There's some great advice in there about how to enjoy Maine's open carry law, without becoming the man in the knight's mask.

Thanks to Bangor's men and women in blue for bringing a misunderstanding to a peaceful conclusion.


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