One of the weekend entries on the Bangor PD's famous Facebook page included the entire list of people with active warrants. Is your name on the list?

As with all the items on the world-famous page, this one was written with tongue-in-cheek. But it does include the entire list of names of people who currently have active warrants. Some of the names are generic but others are very unique. Sergeant Tim Cotton offers McDonald's milkshakes to everyone whose name is on the list, but only if they all show up at the same time. Ready, set, confess!

I'm attaching the post, including the list of people sought by police. Check it out and see if you know anyone! Oh....did I mention that Sergeant Cotton didn't include LAST names? Didn't matter. I still skimmed the list to see if anyone named Cindy (or my given name Cynthia) is wanted. I guess the Cindy's in town are behaving!

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