Lieutenant Tim Cotton of the Bangor Police Department is warning residents of a racy new scam that's using his name.

In a post on the department's "marginally famous" Facebook page, Tim tells of receiving a call from the office saying there was a man at the front desk who claimed that Lt. Cotton had called him and told him to stop by and pick up a summons for illicit behavior. Cotton says he never called the person and didn't immediately know what "behavior" the person was talking about.

An investigation into the incident revealed that a new scam in town is sending nude photos to men. Some of the men return the favor with photos of their own, before receiving a message claiming that the woman is underage and is notifying police...specifically, Lt. Tim Cotton.

Is it because Tim is well-known for his work with the Facebook page and the Duck of Justice? Possibly. Whatever the reason, he wants folks to know that he's not tied to the scam, in any way. But, in true T.C. style, he offers some advice. Don't do it. He says, if you are offered unsolicited naked photos, you're about to made into "the big stooge." Plus, he says, for most of us, no one wants to see us naked. Truer words were never spoken.

But he also adds a serious word of caution. Sending naked photos of yourself, particularly to someone who's underage, will get you in trouble with the law. So just don't do it. Kudos to Lt. Cotton for, once again, taking a weird situation and making it into an amusing anecdote. To everyone, I'm guessing, except that poor guy who showed up at the Bangor Police Department, admitting that he'd sent naked photos to an unknown person. I'm guessing his face was pretty red when he learned the truth.

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