Hey Bangor, ever hear of the Pickering Square Think Tank?

They asked on the Downtown Bangor Facebook page recently for ideas on what should be done in the future with Pickering Square

Well, yesterday the group from the think tank, along with the City of Bangor engineers met for a lunch meeting with the public invited to attend and share their thoughts.

The program is called Building the Future. And if you didn’t get to attend the meeting, there is a survey that has been on their Facebook page you can register your opinion.

They also promise more events to come.


And the Pickering Square Improvement Project shared the ideas talked about at the luncheon.

Here they are.

  • Digital information kiosks with way finding, events and cultural information
  • Sculptural seating
  • Bike racks
  • Water features
  • Performance space
  • Synthetic ice rink
  • Antique Carousel
  • Lighted Swings
  • An outdoor art gallery
  • A sand feature
Downtown Bangor Facebook
Downtown Bangor Facebook

We would love to hear what you would like for Pickering Square. You can reply in the comments section below. No offense, but we don’t need to hear you rip the ideas listed above, just what you would like. And what you think would make Pickering Square a better spot in the future. The near future by the way.

And speaking of downtown Bangor spring cleanup is Saturday, April 22nd.  Volunteers wanted and needed.

To keep Downtown Bangor Beautiful.

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