A pedestrian was struck by a passing vehicle on Main Street in Bangor before dawn Wednesday morning.

Where Did This Happen?

Bangor Police Sergeant Jason McAmbley says officers were called to Main Street, near the Circle K store, at approximately 5:18 a.m. for a report of a vehicle that had struck a pedestrian. When they arrived, officers found both the pedestrian and the driver at the scene.

Was Anyone Seriously Hurt?

No details have been released about the identities of the pedestrian or the person driving the vehicle, but officials say the pedestrian suffered minor injuries. They were walking adjacent to the road when the vehicle hit them.

Were There A Lot of Pedestrian-Vehicle Crashes in Maine Last Year?

According to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, which tracks pedestrian and bicyclist crashes, 21 pedestrians were killed by vehicles in Maine last year. The Maine Department of Transportation reported another 234 were injured after being struck by vehicles. There were 16 pedestrians killed by vehicles in 2022 and 217 injured.

Drivers are reminded to avoid distractions when behind the wheel and watch for pedestrians along the road and in crosswalks. This time of year that's especially true in the late afternoons when the sun is at a sharp angle and can obscure a driver's vision.

In addition, pedestrians are encouraged to wear bright clothing and carry flashlights or reflectors to ensure that drivers can see them. No one should step out into a crosswalk until they know the oncoming vehicles are going to stop.

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