It's interesting how more and more, it's becoming harder to fill jobs that require getting behind the wheel. Around the state, towns have been having shortages in plow drivers and school bus drivers. And now, Bangor is having trouble finding people to drive the public transit buses.

Sure, you need a special license to drive a bus, but it's not beyond anyone's reach. But in this amazing age of super low unemployment, folks aren't having to be as picky about what they want to do. And a lot of folks feel like there isn't enough money to be made. But where there's a shortage, there's usually money.

According to, this isn't just a problem in Bangor. There was even a school last year, who literally had to shut down for a day, because there weren't enough people to drive the buses to get the kids to school. But Bangor is hoping to get some folks interested in taking the wheel.

It can certainly be a lot of work and frustration. Not only do you have to think of your own safety, but also everyone on board. And with folks driving like jerks, and pedestrians who don't pay enough attention, it can be nerve wracking.

The city says it's suffering and needs a hand. So if you have the right kind of license, and are looking for work, this may be your ticket. Just try not to get one while you're driving the bus....

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